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3.78L OEM Bed Liner



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POR-15¬ OEM Bed Liner is formulated to provide professional results and performance in a DIY system that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed over correctly prepared surfaces. Surface preparation should include cleaning and surface abrasion using 80 _ 120 grit sandpaper. POR-15¬ OEM Bed Liner is a water-based, rubberized coating ideal for protecting truck beds, and all other metal, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood surfaces that are exposed to impact and scuff related environments. Formulated with POR-15¬ rust preventive technologies POR-15¬ OEM Bed Liner offers superior adhesion, impact resistance, and flexibility, as well as an attractive, textured semi-gloss black finish that provides the ultimate in truck bed protection. POR-15¬ OEM Bed Liner is UV stable and will resist damage typically caused by exposure to UV. POR-15¬ OEM Bed Liner is a low-odor product that can be cleaned up with soap and water and does not have a limiting pot life. Any unused product can be resealed in its container and used later for touch-up or on other projects. For the ultimate in protection apply over POR-15¬ Rust Preventive Coating.

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