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PRESTA Ultra 2 Step® Shop Pak 1



Product Details

Product Details
The chemical and accessory items in the Presta Ultra 2 Step Shop Pak take you through complete paint refinishing - from compounding to polishing to waxing.

Each Ultra 2 Step Buffing Sytem Shop Pak contains the following:

Ultra 2 Step Cutting Compound, 32 oz.: Fast cutting compound optimized to remove medium to heavy sand scratches. Works easily over a wide range of buffing speeds and finishes clean. Water-based formula contains no waxes, fillers or silicones.

Ultra 2 Step Finishing Polish, 32 oz.: Advanced all-in-one polish and swirl remover. Designed for use on both new and ages clear coat painte surfaces. Creates a rich, deep gloss and a swirl-free finish in a single step.

Fast Wax, 32 oz.: Liquefied paste wax with premium, natural and synthetic ingredients. Breathable, easy on, easy off formula goes on quick – wax an average size car in about 45 minutes. Provides a high-gloss shine and approximately 30-days protection.

Spray 'N Shine, 22 oz.: Removes fingerprints and dirt and leaves an attractive shine on any non-porous, painted surface with this easy-to-use appearance enhancer. Also works great as a lubricant with overspray clay or during buffing when the compound, polish or pad gets too dry.

Single-Sided Black and White Wool Pad
Single-Sided White Foam Pad
Single-Sided Grey Foam Pad
Backing Plate
Hornet Wipe-Out Cloth

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