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Slim Kombat HTE MP Special edition Nero 1.2 with Cup FREE Gauge

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Slim Kombat HTE MP Special edition Nero ( PRE-ORDER)

This gun will take whatever you throw at it! 1.2-1.3 for base 1.2 for clear, 1.4-1.5 sealers and 1.8 primers!
The Walcom Slim Kombat is the latest in spray gun innovation. Featuring a magnesium and Carbon Kevlar body making this one of the lightest spray guns on the market. With new upgrades from the older slim such as sharing the same cup size as the Carbonio models and a more refined build quality this really is pushing the boundaries with spray gun innovation. If you want a spray gun with a large and wet fan, high transfer efficiency and will last many years we can assure you this is the spray gun for you.

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