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3.78L AG47 Light Grip Filler

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Taking GRIP Fillers to a New Level. Formulated with a proprietary resin blend, AG47™ Lightweight GRIP Filler provides maximum adhesion, sanding and performance. Z-TEK™ Adhesion Booster maximizes bonds to bare steel, galvanized metals and aluminum. And INVISX™ Micro-Perfecting Surface Technology provides a smooth, pinhole free finish. In lab and body shop testing, AG47 cured quicker for faster sanding, faster feather edge and better 'tack free' properties. Advanced resins help you achieve ultra-smooth flow and excellent wetting for a smoother surface Save time and eliminate pinholes with INVISX™ Micro-Perfecting Surface Technology Reduce cycle time and sandpaper use with AG47's non-loading, fast curing formula Z-TEK™ Adhesion Booster maximizes GRIP to all metals, especially galvanized steel Improve profits with AG47's Everyday Low Price

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